Raceworzs 2017 Sacramento Raceway

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Raceworzs Started in California Originally popularized by fast and the furious first movie. Origins from Southern California drag racing scene. KRC Modified Staff in the USA entered Raceworzs on June 22nd. displaying Zeitsui RX7 before it departure back to Japan. 

raceworzs 2017-49

Hosted Every year at the Sacramento Raceway its an all day event , Consisting of a dedicated car show, Drag racing , vendors , Limbo Contest for cars and Awards for winners of each event.

raceworzs 2017-230 raceworzs 2017-66

raceworzs 2017-13


Hosting an All day Event Drew Crowds all hours of the day. Lines were continued to be pack and eager to watch and check out the event. 

raceworzs 2017-96

Our Rx7 on Display gave spectators a different feel to car modifications and customization. It has a uniqueness to all of its body lines and a different take on the Mazda rx7 chassis

raceworzs 2017-130

this is where people bet on their word to win it all , test and tune , or to give it a go down the quarter mile line.

This event had a mixture of many Car models and motorcycles were also in competition

raceworzs 2017-123

raceworzs 2017-124

raceworzs 2017-208

raceworzs 2017-118

Anything that had wheels and an engine is welcome to join in on the fun for a quick Run on the Quarter mile.

The Car show part wasnt disappointing , from the modern style VIP spec cars, Air Bags and Static Lowriders of the Import scene came in. 

raceworzs 2017-149

raceworzs 2017-287

raceworzs 2017-87

raceworzs 2017-196

raceworzs 2017-195

This New 2017 Acura NSX wasnt shy getting ready to test out its limits.

raceworzs 2017-189

Later on Through out the Day We had Johnny Strong from Fast and The Furious Make it to our car for a Dash Signiture

raceworzs 2017-318

raceworzs 2017-321

Thank you Very Much for Stopping By! 

raceworzs 2017-335 raceworzs 2017-338 raceworzs 2017-349

We Had Britney From Kuya Protection Drop by and did a quick photoshoot with the Rx7. thank you very much! 

raceworzs 2017-374

Hector From fast and the furious Drop by and gave a Signature 

raceworzs 2017-369

before he dropped by during the final parts of the event. he was announcing the winner of his eclipse that was being raffled off. also to entertain the crowd.raceworzs 2017-379

raceworzs 2017-380


A Final Farwell to Raceworzs we will see next year but until then see you next time! 

Cars and Coffee Downtown Modesto Meet Up

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Cars and Coffee Downtown Modesto Meet Up

Cars and coffee is widely known in the USA for its high attendance / High end Cars / Coffee and Donuts and Modesto’s Downtown is rivaled up there. We were also In Attendance with KRC Demo cars 02D and Zetsuei. 

krc japan cars and coffee 2

krc japan cars and coffee 4

4 Blocks has been setup in the middle of downtown for Sundays event. 

Crowds have already gathering up and its also Free to watch and attend. Car Entry is $10 for any participant 

krc japan cars and coffee 3

Anticipation of Downtown was Kept under wraps till the week before and it was an already packed house full of all makes and models! There is no denying Modesto’s cars and coffee will stay for the long run! 

krc japan cars and coffee 5


krc japan cars and coffee 6


krc japan cars and coffee 7

Along the lines of any Cars and Coffee event All cars are welcome from tuners , Modern , Euro , Imports , Classic and Hot Rods. 

krc japan cars and coffee 8

thank you for checking out our cars and see you next time! 



Journey To SEMA 2016

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Journey To SEMA 2016  

Hello! Good Day! SEMA 2016 is around the corner

Wifi is not available but gahan and warp is currently heading towards Las Vegas ♬
The image is CISCO 1 tickets before we leave ♡ ♡
KRC has bought this trailer for this time ( ̄^ ̄) the rx7 Zetsui 




Thank you to DEE and SSworxs Crew for the safe travel to LAS VEGAS



チームKRC ベガスには無事 到着していまぁーす♬
Dee長距離の運転 お疲れ様ぁー

Team KRC VEGAS is safely arriving in Vegas ♬
Dee Long-distance drive daa
Today is getting to work from now on ^_^
Thank you for your help, ^o^


Overview and Bangkok International Auto salon Show

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Overview and Bangkok International Auto salon weekon

Our Very good Friends at 9tro has a Recap of the Bangkok International Auto salon!


thank you very much!

Photo Credit : 9tro


Representing KRC, (From Left to Right) Reiko, Nobu-san and Tomo-san.





In Thailand, the car tuning culture is thriving and very unique with its car parking meets to racing!

the crowd greatly enjoyed and also with models!







Liberty Walk Kato and the KRC crew!

It was a fun filled weekend.

we will see you next time!


Day 1 of Bangkok International Auto Salon

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Day 1 of Bangkok International Auto Salon

IT is Happening at the Bangkok International Auto Salon!! Prep day before the 5 day event!


setting up our booth! we greet you and thank you very much for stopping by and many thanks! to our team.


Many of our friends / colleagues from Japan have made it as well with us!  Top fuel japan , Jun Auto 326 power japan , and many more. 

Yellow Brz by Jun Auto

this build has two engines mated for a v8 power time attack car…


Top Fuel Japan always with Top of the line builds with wild aero for record breaking speeds.


This Rocket bunny Scion FRS has an exotic look and prepped up before the auto salon.



stay tuned for more on our post!





KRC Modified Osaka Super Street Photoshoot

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KRC Modified Osaka Super Street Photoshoot

here is One of the latest features on Super Street Magazine with our Shop Cars Mazda rx-7 Zetsuei 02R


Images From the article. and a clip of Jofel Tolosa Write up:

“Originality is harder to come by these days. With the widespread popularity of over-fender widebody kits, it comes as no surprise that many enthusiasts are starting to find the style played out. Artisans such as Kei Miura of TRA Kyoto and Wataru Kato of Liberty Walk have been criticized for their predictable ways. Slap on some fenders, slam on air-ride, and rock some expensive wheels—suddenly you’ve built a social media sensation. While we can appreciate these craftsmen have worked hard to create popular body kits, the naysayers are quick to judge. We’re also always keeping our eyes open for people who think outside the box and don’t have any desire to follow the trend, such as Nobutaka Tsutsui of KRC.”


If you havent purchased the Japan issue from super street you can order it online June 2016 to have a copy of your own!



KRC Modified SEMA 2015

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KRC Modified SEMA 2015


Here is a Recap at SEMA show of KRC Modified Booth and experience at Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas , Nevada!

The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. As part of the AAIW, the SEMA Show attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from more than 100 countries for unlimited profit opportunities in the automotive, truck and SUV, powersports, and RV markets. The 2015 SEMA Show drew more than 60,000 domestic and international buyers…


SEMA Show is not open to the general public.