KRC Modified Osaka Super Street Photoshoot

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KRC Modified Osaka Super Street Photoshoot

here is One of the latest features on Super Street Magazine with our Shop Cars Mazda rx-7 Zetsuei 02R

Images From the article. and a clip of Jofel Tolosa Write up:

“Originality is harder to come by these days. With the widespread popularity of over-fender widebody kits, it comes as no surprise that many enthusiasts are starting to find the style played out. Artisans such as Kei Miura of TRA Kyoto and Wataru Kato of Liberty Walk have been criticized for their predictable ways. Slap on some fenders, slam on air-ride, and rock some expensive wheels—suddenly you’ve built a social media sensation. While we can appreciate these craftsmen have worked hard to create popular body kits, the naysayers are quick to judge. We’re also always keeping our eyes open for people who think outside the box and don’t have any desire to follow the trend, such as Nobutaka Tsutsui of KRC.”


If you havent purchased the Japan issue from super street you can order it online June 2016 to have a copy of your own!



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