Raceworzs 2017 Sacramento Raceway

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Raceworzs Started in California Originally popularized by fast and the furious first movie. Origins from Southern California drag racing scene. KRC Modified Staff in the USA entered Raceworzs on June 22nd. displaying Zeitsui RX7 before it departure back to Japan. 

raceworzs 2017-49

Hosted Every year at the Sacramento Raceway its an all day event , Consisting of a dedicated car show, Drag racing , vendors , Limbo Contest for cars and Awards for winners of each event.

raceworzs 2017-230 raceworzs 2017-66

raceworzs 2017-13


Hosting an All day Event Drew Crowds all hours of the day. Lines were continued to be pack and eager to watch and check out the event. 

raceworzs 2017-96

Our Rx7 on Display gave spectators a different feel to car modifications and customization. It has a uniqueness to all of its body lines and a different take on the Mazda rx7 chassis

raceworzs 2017-130

this is where people bet on their word to win it all , test and tune , or to give it a go down the quarter mile line.

This event had a mixture of many Car models and motorcycles were also in competition

raceworzs 2017-123

raceworzs 2017-124

raceworzs 2017-208

raceworzs 2017-118

Anything that had wheels and an engine is welcome to join in on the fun for a quick Run on the Quarter mile.

The Car show part wasnt disappointing , from the modern style VIP spec cars, Air Bags and Static Lowriders of the Import scene came in. 

raceworzs 2017-149

raceworzs 2017-287

raceworzs 2017-87

raceworzs 2017-196

raceworzs 2017-195

This New 2017 Acura NSX wasnt shy getting ready to test out its limits.

raceworzs 2017-189

Later on Through out the Day We had Johnny Strong from Fast and The Furious Make it to our car for a Dash Signiture

raceworzs 2017-318

raceworzs 2017-321

Thank you Very Much for Stopping By! 

raceworzs 2017-335 raceworzs 2017-338 raceworzs 2017-349

We Had Britney From Kuya Protection Drop by and did a quick photoshoot with the Rx7. thank you very much! 

raceworzs 2017-374

Hector From fast and the furious Drop by and gave a Signature 

raceworzs 2017-369

before he dropped by during the final parts of the event. he was announcing the winner of his eclipse that was being raffled off. also to entertain the crowd.raceworzs 2017-379

raceworzs 2017-380


A Final Farwell to Raceworzs we will see next year but until then see you next time!