About Us ( KRCmodified )

K.R.C. japan ( KRCmodified ) began over ten years ago with the design, production and sale of apparel and jewelry.

Since, we have expanded our design portfolio to include a wider range of focus On spatial design from furniture and graphic.
K.R.C. japan now manages the design and planning of our three individual units – KRCmodified、 specializing in automotive design; our interior unit, J’s CASA; and GODSELECT HOMME which is our apparel unit.
Within KRCmodified, we have been picked up not only in Japan but by different media sources from abroad and have won several awards including the Grand Prix in the Popular Car Contest at the 2012 Osaka Auto Messe. (We also had the honor of presenting at Sema in 2014)
With J’s CASA being featured on television, our apparel unit has picked up much popularity in the music and entertainment industries. We are continually improving and evolving all aspects of our designs!
In 2012, we opened an office in New York, USA, and changed our name from Kind Red Company to K.R.C. japan.


K.R.C japanは、十数年に渡りアパレルやジュエリーのデザインとその製作販売に始まり、空間デザインや家具、グラフィックに至るまで様々な “デザイン” に携わってきたデザイン会社であり、現在はインテリアセクション『J’s CASA』(TVドラマなどで使用、スタイリスト御用達)、アパレルセクション『GODSELECT HOMME』(芸能人やミュージシャンとのタイアップも多数)、そしてカーセクション『KRCmodified』の3ブランドを展開し、それら全ての企画、デザインをK.R.C japanが手掛けている。
KRCmodifiedは、発足よりわずか4年足らずの期間で数々の実績を収め、翌年には早くもSEMA SHOW 2014へ出展、アメリカ進出を果たしている。

About Us