Designer’s Profile


Born August 1972

Interested in the world of art from his youth.
Became interested in music at age 17, and formed the visual-kei band, Voluptuous, at age 19.
Produced everything for the band from the members’ styling to song and lyric writing and stage direction.
Tsutsui’s view delivered immediate results, and the band’s reputation spread across Japan within one year of forming.
Participated in complication CDs released by Sony and Victor between 1993 and 1995 alongside famous artists.
Rejected offers from numerous music labels, and took a hiatus to pursue solo projects.
August 2001: Established Kind Red Company (K.R.C). Began making and selling a primitive style of jewelry, and expanded the KRC
Oriental and NEMESIS silver-jewelry brands.Expanded the GOD SELECT 33 and NEMESIS apparel brands.
Featured in magazines and other media outlets on the back of his popularity amongst musicians and celebrities.
Started an interior business, Jecie’s Interior, in 2009.
Traveled to China and other Asian countries over three years and began designing, importing and selling various furniture and interior ornaments,

while learning about each nations’ cultures and ideologies. Renamed brand J’s CASA in 2012.
“The winds of innovation, the dreams of children – revitalizing Tohoku”
KRCmodified was founded with the above slogan after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. We were determined to support the revitalization of the country and with our unique design capabilities, started with the idea of the designing and manufacture of our first in-house concept car HIRAMEKI.

February 2012: Upon our first ever entry at the Osaka Auto Messe in 2012, HIRAMEKI was awarded the Grand Prize in the Popular Car Contest out of a total of 500
cars.In order to show our support for the disaster relief, KRCmodified has taken active steps to support the relief effort by donating prize monies to a Tohoku
Disaster Relief Fund.
January 2013: HIRAMEKI and ZETSUEI models were completed and presented at the Tokyo Auto Salon.
February 2013: Both HIRAMEKI and ZETSUEI placed in the top ten within the Popular Car Contest at the Osaka Auto Messe in 2013. Out of 600 cars, we received
2nd place for HIRAMEKI and 6th place for ZETSUEI, respectively.
February 2014: MIKADO was ranked 6th at the 2014 Osaka Auto Messe.
Since our introduction, KRCmodified has become involved with cutting edge iPhone/Smartphone and other IT-based car design. Because of our innovative and
continually evolving designs, we have received acknowledgment in many circles.
During our first showing at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon, we were approached with and accepted the offer to present our designs at a number of foreign-based
exhibitions, which has been going on 2 years strong at present. In addition to these exhibitions, we will have the opportunity of presenting at SEMA in November
of this year (2014).
Complimentary to our custom car fabrication, we also offer custom body kit design services and have begun development of the Prius and CX- 5 body kits.
We will be announcing both domestic and foreign sales starting late 2014 to early 2015.




人気を求めるバンドではなく、本当にやりたかった音を表現したいという動機から、その当時の日本ではまだ聴き慣れないエモーショナルなボーカルスタイルで音源BLAZE to oneselfを残しているが、一般販売はしていない。
そのアルバムBlaze to oneselfに収録されている最後の曲K.R.Cを自分自身への遺言とし、一度は芸術や音楽の業界から離れるが、その数年後、たった3万円の資本金で2001年8月、KINDRED COMPANY(K.R.C)を設立し、再びアーティストとしての道を歩み始める。(後に資本金300万円で法人化)
プリミティブなスタイルのジュエリーをネイチャーコアと命名し、製作販売を始め、数々のジュエリー雑誌に掲載されたKRC ORIENTALや、NEMESIS等のシルバージュエリーのデザイン製作も自社にて行い、同時期にアパレル業にも事業拡大し、自社ブランドGODSELECT33と、NEMESISを発信、ミュージシャンや芸人、タレント、格闘家、AV女優などのモニター協力も得て、数々のメディアにも露出。
2009年よりインテリア事業に参入し始め、数々の家具等のデザインを担当し、海外にて製作、輸入販売を行なってきた。後のJ’s CASAである。

改革の風を   子どもたちに夢を   東北が元気を

そして東京オートサロン2013において、閃と、その兄弟機である02R”絶影(ZETSUEI)”を発表。翌月の大阪オートメッセ2013では、その2台がダブルアワードを達成するなど、その人気に拍車がかかる実績を残した。それを機に、Nobutaka Tsutsuiによるその異端で斬新なデザイン性が多方面より高く評価され、海外数カ国からの出展オファーを始め、アプリなどIT関連のカーデザインも手掛けている。

2013年アメリカ ニューヨークの支部設立に伴い、屋号を㈲カインドレッドカンパニーからK.R.C japanに改名。