Recently we all have – whether consciously or not – collectively begun to shift society’s focus largely to “design.”  This has been a phenomenon that has been noticed throughout many cultures, and has not gone unnoticed by the multitude.


The automobile industry was looked upon as the most advanced/thought out designs in the world.  However, what is offered by these many car companies is slowly reaching a point where innovation (in regards to design)is not as innovative as before.  To turn this around, what we need is to think outside of the box.  We need to rethink design. We need to rethink shape.  This is where K.R.C STYLE will help guide the new revolution.


We make it a habit to ask, “Where?” and “For who?” before starting any project.  “Is this going to be for a meeting? Are you going to be racing at the track? Are you going to be presenting at a Car Show?” or, “During the day? During the night? In a city? On a highway?”  And last, but actually the most important, “What type of car do you want this to be?”  Depending on the answers to these questions, the design of the car can radically change!


We at K.R.C STYLE will not create your average car.  We do everyday what others can’t, and we push the boundaries in the custom automotive industry.  With saying that, we are open to ideas.  We will work around your needs, your budget, your desires, to bring your dream car to life.


Let me give you three examples of how we operate:


  1. When we are building a car, we must think of not onlythe end design, but also whether or not the car will be kept street legal. Depending on whether we keep it legal or not, our designs will be drastically different.
  2. Your interests and requests are what will drive our work. We will work around your preferences and budget.
  3. Like our concept cars, if you have no preference as to a particular design and have no limits as to your budget, we are able to create a 100% K.R.C STYLE car. *Note: We have had numerous requests from around the world, asking for this type of design.


We’ve received the following comment from many of our clients: “Why are there so many variations as to the designs produced by K.R.C STYLE?”  Well, the simple answer, is that we take the requests and visions of our clients very seriously.  We preserve this image, but when it comes to the final design (Body-kit design, Graphic design), please leave that to us!


Here at K.R.C STYLE, we have been working in the the creative industries for the better part of two decades.  Everything from Apparel and Jewelry design to Furniture design.It’s easy to talk about “design,” but even before the design bit, we believe that coordination is probably the most vital part of our business.  This is because no matter how great a design is, without the ability to place something, give meaning to it, or present it just in the right way, your efforts will be for nothing.


There are times when a person has a color they like, and a color that they think matches their style.  These two colors may not always be the same. Even if you think that color really goes with your style – it may not be so.  It is very hard for most to see themselves in the third person – as other people see them.  What you may think may not be the reality! This is what K.R.C STYLE is here for.  We will take your vision and turn it into a reality that not only you will be impressed with, but will wow you, and everyone around you!


  • To know what our clients want
  • To know what our clients love
  • To design something specifically for each client
  • Take that design and make it a reality


We want to help you realize a new you, and new lifestyle, through our creations.  Creating synergy between our clients and and cars, this is K.R.C STYLE.





とはいえ、それは100%KRC STYLEの場合であって、全てのオファーに対してそうであるとは当然いえない。

3つは弊社のデモカーのように、クライアントの意向も予算的問題も無く、100%KRC STYLEを表現するということ。









The Assertion of Individuality via Social Media


In recent years, there has been a major change when it comes to design and the way people perceive creativity.


This is due to the recent rapid spread of Social Media.  Everyone has the power to experience what others are thinking, in real time.  We are able to gather so much information and use this for our own creativity.  Everything from fashion, music, and design, are all going through a sea change.  Instead of settling for the next big trend, we are part of a generation that creates these new trends.  Some may go as far to call these epidemics!  Nonetheless, we are all part of an ever-shifting, pliable, culture that gives every single person the ability to assert their own individuality.


This is most apparent if you look at different Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Everyone is able to self-brand what they want the world to see. We feel how important it is to have our own feel, our own look, our own voices.  Individualism, is becoming the new fabric of our society.


When it comes to car modification, this has grown from a very niche group of people doing this for self-satisfaction.  Taking a cheap old car, and breathing new life into it.  We have seen a big change in this as well.  People have been modifying and customizing brand new cars, and we have seen a growing number of people using these designs and modifications to present their brand to the world. Being able to create something is rare – only one in the world – brings with it a new sense of value.




SNS = Social Media

Sea Change = 大転換

Niche = ニッチ